Short On Cash And Space? Use These Three Cheap Ideas To Decorate Your Space

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Are you short on living space (or cash) but long on creativity? Whether you're getting your first apartment this summer or heading to the college dorm this fall, finding inexpensive (or just plain cheap) ways of decorating your place can help you keep your budget under control. Here are some great ways to make use of objects frequently found in garage sales, garden stores, and grandparent's attics. Cinder Blocks If you have access to cinder blocks, you can probably put together furniture without bothering to own a hammer.

3 June 2016

Why Vinyl Is A Perfect Fence Material

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Many residential fences are made out of vinyl. There are many great reasons why vinyl is now more popular than wood on exterior fences. It is definitely a more practical and owner friendly product. This article explains some of the main advantages of using vinyl as a fencing material. Vinyl Size and Styles Most of the vinyl fences you see, especially those in tract home communities, seem very basic and similar.

12 May 2016

Make Your Space Modern With Some Must-Have Furnishings

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If you want to change things up in your current space, consider adding a few integral, updated items. There are some unique and unconventional furnishings that will not only bring a fresh twist to your current configurations and interiors but that are also useful and efficient pieces that meld in any home décor. Some items that will bring a modern air to your home include the following: Inflatable furniture. There is a trend emerging regarding inflatable furniture, and these pieces are proving to be durable and versatile in the home.

15 April 2016

Updating Your Spring Window Treatments: Options For You

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As the winter weather finally begins to subside and the chill finally leaves the air, making way for the warmth and sunshine of spring, you likely begin to think about all of the ways you want to enjoy this improved weather. Additionally, you want your home to reflect the new season and attitude that you have about it. Your window treatments are one of the best places to start when you are trying to bring spring into your home.

12 March 2016

Creating A Race-Worthy Party Scene With 5 Simple Steps

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The rush of watching cars zoom around the track, the thrill of a crowd cheering on their favorite driver, and the fascination of incredible race cars--it's no wonder youngsters have a genuine interest in the races. Make sure you bring a dream to life with a racing-themed birthday party complete with every small detail they could ever ask for. There are five simple steps to creating a memorable racing-themed birthday that your little racer will never forget.

10 February 2016

Tips For Selecting Replacement Windows

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Windows serve as the biggest connection between the outdoors and indoors. They affect the look of both your house's façade and of the rooms. Additionally, they can have an impact on your utility costs. In short, old windows can be a detriment to your home's value and your lifestyle. Yet replacement windows can be a big investment. Find out how to choose windows that let in the fresh air and sunlight but keep out undesirable elements.

18 January 2016

Using Roman Shades To Beautify A Window With An Air Conditioner

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Room air conditioners detract from the beauty of the room's decor. Moreover, they allow hot, humid air to enter through the open vents when not in use. Solve both of these problems with Roman shades. They have been used for decades to beautify windows with room air conditioners. The folded fabric design of roman shades provides privacy, color, and insulation. Here are some tips to select the best style: Inside Mount: Roman shades are usually installed inside the window with a clearance on each side of approximately 1/4-inch.

27 November 2015

Cocktail Pools -- When The Pool Isn't Just For The Kids

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If you want a backyard swimming pool but are limited by either budget or space, you may think you can't have what you really want. The truth is that you can still have a fun and relaxing pool by scaling down your expectations and considering instead a cocktail pool. As its name suggests, a "cocktail" pool is a small inground pool that is designed to fit all your pool needs in a small space more suitable for enjoying cocktails -- up to one-tenth the size of a traditional pool.

4 November 2015

Draperies: Not Just For Windows Any More

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While you may have considered draperies as treatments for your windows, you may not have thought of them for many other uses in your living space. Read on to learn four ways you can utilize draperies to solve both functional and aesthetic problems in your home. Hide an Undesirable Element If you have an ugly wall or another undesirable view in your home, you may be searching for a way to disguise it, particularly if you live in a rental property where permanent changes aren't allowed or feasible.

30 September 2015

5 Tips To Prevent An Ant Infestation In Your Home

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When it comes to pests, few are as annoying as ants. If you have an ant infestation in your home, you won't just see a few ants here or there--you are likely to see huge groups of ants traveling back and forth in a never ending line. But you don't have to share your house with ants. Use the following tips to prevent an ant infestation in your home: Put Away All Food and Make Sure It is Sealed

20 August 2015