Securing Your Pool With A Safety Gate

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The safety gate for your pool is an important item that will be responsible for securing the pool so that accidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, this gate is often not given the level of appreciation or forethought that it deserves, and this may lead to a person choosing a pool safety gate that is not well-suited to their needs.

Install A Safety Gate That Can Be Locked

Being able to securely lock the safety gate is one of the most important features for ensuring that it will remain effective. Without a lock, it could be possible for children or pets to open the gate, which could provide them with unsupervised access to the pool. Luckily, keyless locking systems can allow you to secure the safety gate to your pool without needing to worry about carrying or keeping track of the key. These keyless locking systems may be combination-based, and they can support having their combination easily changed by the owner to keep it secure.

Minimize The Gaps Between The Gate And The Rest Of The Safety Fence

Depending on the design of your pool safety fence and gate, there may be a small gap between the fence and the gate. Unfortunately, individuals can tend to choose a design that leaves a small gap between the fence and the gate. Small animals and pets may be able to easily squeeze through these gaps, which could lead to them falling into the pool and getting trapped. Minimizing this as much as possible during the gate's installation is imperative for reducing this risk. However, it is also important for you to monitor this space to ensure that a gap does not form as the gate and the fence settle into the soil.

Choose A Gate That Is Too Tall For Pets Or Children To Climb Over

The height of the gate is a factor that may not seem important, but it can be instrumental in determining the ability of pets or children to scale the fence. When you are having this feature installed, it can be worth checking with the homeowner's association or the local building codes as there may be requirements concerning the minimum height for these pool safety features. By reviewing these requirements and assessing the ability of your pet or small child to climb over the fence, you may be in a better position to effectively decide on the height for this safety feature for your pool.

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22 March 2022

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