5 Ways Pests Can Endanger Your Home

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Pests in the home should never be ignored. Many pests pose a much greater hazard to the home and its inhabitants than many realize. Pest control services are needed as soon as you notice an infestation.

1. Building Damage

It's not just termites and carpenter ants that will destroy the structure of your home. Rodents, including mice and squirrels, will chew through wiring and destroy insulation. Raccoons can actually tear off siding boards and roofing shingles as they seek shelter in a house. Droppings and urine from nearly any type of pests can destroy everything from wood to flooring in a home. Quick eradication is the only way to avoid damages.

2. Family Hazards

Certain pests can be directly dangerous to you and your loved ones. Bees and wasps in the house, for example, mean a risk for painful stings. Spiders can bite, and some are quite venomous to humans or animals. Pests like bats or raccoons in an attic can carry rabies or a host of bacterial and parasitic risks. Professional pest control is needed to remove these dangerous pests safely and without injury to anyone.

3. Sanitary Issues

Pests in the kitchen, whether it's mice and roaches or pantry moths, can render food unsafe to consume. The pests may chew through bags to get to food items, or they may infest a bin filled with flour or rice. Droppings and urine can destroy the food, plus the pests may carry parasites and bacteria into food preparation areas. Extermination of the pests followed by a thorough cleaning is necessary.

4. Property Destruction

Some pests will destroy stored papers, clothing, and other textiles. Mice and other rodents are especially damaging, as they will nest in drawers, closets, or inside boxes of paperwork. Insects may also nest and breed in similar areas. Between chewing on the textiles and leaving droppings everywhere, these items will quickly be destroyed if pest prevention tactics aren't employed.

5. Toxin Concerns

DIY pest control solutions, such as sprays, foggers, and bait traps, can be very toxic. They can pose a danger to pets and children in the home, especially if any safety precautions are accidentally overlooked. A professional service will use an integrated approach that will use the minimum necessary amount of toxic pesticides. They will also choose those that pose the least risk to pets and people, and apply them using strategies that minimize contact chances.

Contact a pest control service if you suspect insects or rodents are in your home.


1 October 2021

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