Closet System Recommendations To Help You Best Use Your Home Closet Space

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The space within your closet may be large and expansive but it also may be smaller and not as big as you would prefer. However, with the right closet system set-up inside your closet space, you can better utilize the space you have to get more out of it and organize and manage your clothing. Here are some recommendations to help you design, plan, and install the right closet system for your storage needs.

Use Vertical Space

Your closet includes all the space within, which begins at the floor and ends up at the ceiling. And if you don't use all this space for your storage, you are missing out on keeping the interior space maximized in the best manner. Most closets will have a traditional hangar pole that runs horizontally to hang shirts, pants, and dresses, but don't forget the space that sits above the hangar pole. One single shelf in this space is not going to use it in the best way, so you should look at installing a storage rack, or an upper level hangar pole.

Although this area will be a bit more difficult to access, you can use it for off-season storage or items that are seldom used. So instead of having to pack away some of your clothing into storage boxes, you can keep them hanging and wrinkle-free in the upper space of your closet.

Don't forget to put the floor space to use with a good storage system for your shoes, boots, or bags. You can install a storage cubby system in this space below your hangar poles to store items that you would normally just set on the floor. A cubby system keeps them dust free and organized into separate spaces.

Arrange Your Clothing

When you begin to fill your newly organized closet with your clothing and accessories, be sure you fill it based on convenience of usage. For example, clothing you wear on a regular basis should be placed in a central area that is easy to access.

Then, to help you keep your closet looking more organized, hang it based on the length of the item or by color. If you hang up all your shirts and pants with the longer items on one side and the shorter items on the other, then arrange them by rainbow color, it will look nice and be easier for you to find your clothing.

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13 January 2021

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