Downspouts Are Boring – Try These Two Rain Chain Ideas

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If you're thinking about completely replacing gutters, or need to have some repairs done, consider the idea of changing your downspouts to rain chains. While old-fashioned downspouts will work, rain chains add a decorative addition to an essential fixture of your home.

The Original Rain Chains

Rain chains first appeared a few centuries ago in Japan. The concept was designed to make sound ecological use of the rainy seasons. By using small buckets with holes in the bottom and attached to one another, the water could be gently filtered down into separate containers, or diverted to places where the water could irrigate plants.

As people noticed this remarkably wise use of rainwater, the idea to also add a decorative touch to rain chains began to develop. Over the years as they have grown in popularity, numerous design ideas have flourished.

Rain chains slow down, or divert the flow of water coming out of your gutters. They can be nothing more than a series of chains hanging in place of your downspout to slow the water down, or a number of ornamental trinkets linked together to accomplish the same objective.

While straight chains will perform the job satisfactorily, adding a little flare can enhance the beauty of your home. Here are 2 readily available and inexpensive items that can be turned into rain chains.

1. Flowerpots

Small to mid-sized flowerpots can be arranged in a decorative pattern and linked together as a rain chain. They already come with a hole in the bottom to allow rainwater to flow through easily.

The best pots to use are clay or porcelain, since they can be painted. There are also various fancy design patterns and assorted shapes that really open the door to some colorfully artistic alternatives to your boring old downspouts.

Many people enjoy using decorative flowerpots suspended by a center chain, or nylon rope. The pot size and color are optional, and the rope can also be many different colors. This can add a bit of color to your exterior decorations.

2. Tea Cups

A very unique idea for constructing rain chains is to use teacups. Often you can find unique and intriguing designs at yard sales, or in thrift shops. Teacups will present a little bit more of a challenge than flowerpots though.

You really have two choices on how to connect your rain chain using the teacup idea. While they can be attached with decorative chains from each finger loop, it is better to have a hole made in the bottom of each cup.

You'll either need a specialized tool for cutting this hole, or you can have the job done at a professional artistic glass shop. Whichever method you choose, ornamental teacups will add an interesting conversation piece to your home. 

There are dozens of other ideas for rain chains. You can find detailed instructions for do-it-yourself designs, or check out some vendors that specialize in rain chains. Many residential gutter installation companies will also have access to rain chain options. Whatever route you take to discover your perfect rain chain, it'll add a nice flair to an otherwise boring aspect of your home gutter system. For more information, talk to a professional like Northwest Rain Gutter.


30 November 2016

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