Lazy Lawn Guide: How to Pick Out a Tree and Bushes That Require Less Work

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Sometimes your lawn needs a little bit of oomph in order to look fantastic. If you want to give you yard more curb appeal, you may need to add a few plants and bushes. If you are interested in a prettier yard but not in doing more work to maintain it, you will need to select your plants wisely. Here is how you can select the right trees and bushes for your own lawn. 

Select trees that don't lose leaves

Evergreen trees do not lose all of their leaves and remain green year round. If you want yard work to be as easy and simple as possible, you should pick an evergreen tree. A tree such as the Japanese evergreen oak will grow and provide shade similar to many other yard trees. This will allow you to read to bask in the shade underneath your tree in the summer. In the winter, you will not have to worry about picking up too much shedding from the tree. Place the tree near your front porch or near the center of the yard so that you get the post out of the shade that it provides. 

Pick flowerless bushes

One of the best things about bushes is that you can shape them less than once a month and have them look presentable. Be sure to select flowerless bushes that will allow you to let the bushes grow without your needing to pick up after the flowers that will bloom and then fall. Bushes such as the dwarf Norway spruce or the dwarf arctic willow will not bloom and can grow next to walkways or next to homes without becoming intrusive. Plant these closely to one another so that they look like a continuous green path. 

Water and spray pest control weekly

Since your trees, bushes, and grass will need to be watered on a regular basis, you should set a few hours aside one day each week to perform the light maintenance necessary for your tree. First, you should rake up any debris and dispose of any fall-away from your tree bark or your bushes. Next, you should take your shears and cut the bushes down to size and throw away excess branches. After this, you will be able to water the tree, bushes, and grass to make sure that everything is properly watered. Once the watering is performed, spray your pesticides to make sure that insects do not make lunch of your greenery and cause fallout.

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12 October 2016

Lawn Care Maintenance: A Year Round Effort

Most of us take great pride in our homes and do everything we can to ensure its beauty and comfort. While attending to our home's interior, we sometimes tend to neglect the lawn, especially during winter. Since moving into my "dream home" I feel compelled to maintain the lawn and garden as impeccably as I do the interior. That's why I've hired a lawn care team to see that my landscape is in tip-top shape all year round. I've learned the importance of fertilization during the late fall and early winter. Keeping the lawn trimmed during those cold winter months will help, too. The experts even help prepare my lawn for the upcoming spring. During this time, family celebrations and parties are plentiful, and I plan to have the best looking lawn on the block. I can't wait for spring to come!