Three Plumbing Care Tips To Follow

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A house's plumbing system is often one of the most complex and important parts of the home. Sadly, homeowners are often unaware of the steps that they should take to help mitigate some of the more common issues that their plumbing may encounter. In order to make sure that you are prepared to care for this part of your home, you may benefit from learning a few plumbing tips.

Clean The Aerators

Aerators can greatly reduce water usage by adding air to the water coming out of your faucet. Sadly, it is possible for these aerators to become clogged, which can greatly reduce the water pressure from the faucet. These clogs often form due to mineral deposits accumulating in the small gaps of the aerator. While this problem can greatly inhibit the flow of water from your faucet, it is relatively easy to correct. By simply removing the aerators and soaking them in vinegar, you can dissolve these deposits so that normal water flow is restored.

Pour Hot Water Down Slow Drains

Eventually, some of your drains may start to slow. Rather than simply using chemical clog removers, you may want to use boiling water first. Chemical clog removers contain harsh chemicals that can gradually degrade the interior of your pipes. In contrast, boiling water can often help to loosen clogs enough for them to flow out of the pipes, but it will not chemically weaken the sides of your pipes. While this is an effective solution for slow drains, it may take a couple of pots of boiling water before the flow of water is fully restored through the clogged drain. Unfortunately, there are limits to the effectiveness of boiling water, and you will want to use this approach as soon as you notice the drains slowing to give it the best chance of succeeding.

Perform Regular Leak Inspections

Having a plumbing leak can be a devastating problem for any home to encounter. In addition to significantly increasing the water bill, leaks can cause extensive water damage to the home. Unfortunately, many leaks will occur in difficult-to-see areas, and you may not notice the problem until your home has sustained major damage. In order to protect your house against this problem, you will want to regularly perform a visual inspection for signs of leaks. During this inspection, you should look throughout the home for watermarks on the walls, mold colonies or musty odors. If you notice these problems, you may want to hire a plumber to perform a thorough inspection to determine whether a leak is present, its location and severity.

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16 September 2016

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