Improving Your Home Theater Experience With Proper Furniture Placement

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If you are in the process of installing a home theater, you are most likely scouring through the instructional handbook or online literature in an attempt to get the best possible sound and viewing pleasure from your investment. While these guidelines are helpful in teaching someone how to place speakers, the television, and subwoofers, it's important to remember that the furniture placement in your room will also have an effect on your experience. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your furniture is positioned in the best possible locations within the room so you have optimal sound and visuals as a result.

Use Shelving Units Appropriately To Hold Speakers

If you are going to place speakers on shelves instead of mounting them to walls or the ceiling, it is best that the front of each one is flush with the front edge of the shelf for the best sound. If you place speakers so they are enclosed within recessed shelving units, the sound will be muffled. Also, place foam around each speaker to help with sound performance. Failing to use an acoustical foam will result in hollow-sounding amplification. Foam pieces can be taped to the interior walls of the shelving area or directly to the sides of the speakers.

Make Sure Your Seating Is At The Proper Distance

The placement of your seating in relation to the screen and speakers will make a huge impact on the experience you receive from your home theater system. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the diagonal measurement of your television screen in inches and double it. This is the number of inches you should position yourself away from the screen for the best picture quality. Measure this distance using a ruler and mark the best viewing area with a piece of tape. Position your seat over this tape so your body will be directly over it when the furniture is in place. 

Avoid Placing Furniture Within The Path Of Sound Waves

Any furniture placed directly in front of speakers or your television screen will make your overall theater experience less than perfect. It is best to avoid placing your living room coffee table in front of your seating area. Using a table in this location may seem harmless; however, placing an object in this spot will actually contribute in altering the sound of your speakers slightly. Consider placing a table to either side of your seating furniture instead. This way the sound will not be deflected off of the table, making the overall sound  less clear. 

For more information and assistance with your home theater installation, talk with professionals. 


26 July 2016

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