Why Vinyl Is A Perfect Fence Material

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Many residential fences are made out of vinyl. There are many great reasons why vinyl is now more popular than wood on exterior fences. It is definitely a more practical and owner friendly product. This article explains some of the main advantages of using vinyl as a fencing material.

Vinyl Size and Styles

Most of the vinyl fences you see, especially those in tract home communities, seem very basic and similar. Many vinyl fences are solid, white and plain. However, there are actually many styles and colors to choose from. In fact, if you are willing to invest a little extra money, you can even choose a custom color. Custom dyed vinyl might cost more, but it a great way to find the perfect color to match your home. You also have a variety of textures to choose from. For instance, a low sheen finish is great on dark colored fences because they look natural.

Vinyl is Easy to Keep Up

No matter what style of vinyl you choose, you will definitely be pleased with the maintenance requirements. As mentioned, vinyl is dyed, not painted. This basically means that there is no outer coat of paint that you need to worry about chipping or scratching. In fact, dyed vinyl is also largely fade resistant. The durable finish of the outer layer is very easy to keep up because you can use any normal water-based cleaner. Your fence, especially if it is set directly into soil or sod, will definitely get very dirty at the bottom. When you mow your lawn, grass stains can turn the bottom of your fence green. Just spraying this off with a hose should solve the problem.

You also don't need to stain or repaint your vinyl fence over the years. This a major advantage because the time and money that you need to commit to keeping up a wooden fence can be significant. The long term cost of keeping up vinyl is minimal.

Vinyl is Not Subject to Termite Damage

Vinyl is also great for homeowners who have termites or rodents on their property. Vinyl fences are specially treated with anti-termite coatings which mean you won't need to always be on defensive when it comes to termites.

Basically, vinyl is much cheaper and easier to own. This is obviously on of the main factors that influences many homeowners to choose vinyl over wood or aluminum fences. To learn more about the kind of fencing material that is best for you, check out a company like Harco Exteriors  LLC.  


12 May 2016

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