Creating A Race-Worthy Party Scene With 5 Simple Steps

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The rush of watching cars zoom around the track, the thrill of a crowd cheering on their favorite driver, and the fascination of incredible race cars--it's no wonder youngsters have a genuine interest in the races. Make sure you bring a dream to life with a racing-themed birthday party complete with every small detail they could ever ask for. There are five simple steps to creating a memorable racing-themed birthday that your little racer will never forget. 

1. Send out appropriate race-themed invitations. 

A racing party is no ordinary party, so it deserves more than ordinary invitations. Send out special party announcements in the form of raceway tickets that have been personalized with the event details or special VIP passes that the guests must bring to get in. 

2. Serve up a cake that would only be found at a racing party. 

Forget the boring sheet cake and go for a cake that has more character. A round cake with a realistic race track works well for a racing-themed birthday party, but cupcakes with mini checkered flags will also be a nice touch. 

3. Gather goodies for treat bags for all the guests. 

The guests who show up at your child's racing party all deserve a special treat of their own to take home. Fill goody bags with candy, racing stickers, personalized t-shirts, and even small checkered flags that they can wave at the party.

4 Don't forget the awesome racing-themed party decorations. 

Deck out the party venue with racing-themed party decor that lets every onlooker know just what this party is all about. Check out checkered racing flags that can be strung up from the ceiling and across the room, huge personalized banners with an ode to the birthday boy or girl, and even small details like black and white balloons and tableware will pull the look together completely. 

5. Implement fun racing games and activities. 

Make sure the party guests have something to do while they are in attendance by incorporating a few fun games that every age will enjoy. Set up a toy car racetrack and arrange scheduled race events in which the winners will get a prize in the end. Arrange backyard races on foot, such as three-legged races or sprints. The games that you choose for the party should directly reflect the racing theme and make way for plenty of high-speed fun at the party. 


10 February 2016

Lawn Care Maintenance: A Year Round Effort

Most of us take great pride in our homes and do everything we can to ensure its beauty and comfort. While attending to our home's interior, we sometimes tend to neglect the lawn, especially during winter. Since moving into my "dream home" I feel compelled to maintain the lawn and garden as impeccably as I do the interior. That's why I've hired a lawn care team to see that my landscape is in tip-top shape all year round. I've learned the importance of fertilization during the late fall and early winter. Keeping the lawn trimmed during those cold winter months will help, too. The experts even help prepare my lawn for the upcoming spring. During this time, family celebrations and parties are plentiful, and I plan to have the best looking lawn on the block. I can't wait for spring to come!