Own A Rental Home? Four Reasons To Offer Your Tenants A Cleaning Service When They Leave


A thorough cleaning is often a priority for renters that are moving out of a rental, but it may feel like just another task that needs to be squeezed in with the rest of the moving plans. While the tenants can certainly do some of the cleaning on their own, there are a number of benefits that come with handling the cleaning as the landlord. If you are concerned about who should do the cleaning, considering the following reasons why arranging these services after the tenant leaves is a smart idea.

Tenants Are Normally Not as Thorough as Professionals

One of the most appealing reasons to offer cleaning services is a more thorough job can be done. Even with the tenants working hard to clean the rental home, they may not be able to do as complete of a job as if you were to hire professionals elsewhere. Being able to control the cleaning can also ensure that tucked-away areas are cleaned thoroughly and that the unit is ready for the next tenant to move in.

Saves the Tenant Both Time and Money

Most people scramble to get everything done when moving out of a rental due to time constraints, making professional cleaning a helpful service to arrange. By taking care of the cleaning as the landlord, your tenants will not need to buy additional cleaning supplies or spend days cleaning the entire rental home.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for the House Cleaning

Along with the cleaning being more thorough with professionals rather than the current tenants, you can also expect your satisfaction to be guaranteed. Most cleaning businesses offer a money-back guarantee and their professional training should also help ensure that you are happy with the finished results.

Avoid Safety Deposit Problems with Your Tenants

Charging your tenants for cleaning services can remove some of the uncertainty about how much of a security deposit to return. With the cost of home cleaning services removed from the deposit, it can become a lot clearer for how much your tenants will receive, if any at all, when moving out. By discussing whether cleaning should be done after they move out, the tenants can decide whether they would like to risk a larger amount of money being taken out of the deposit if the cleaning is not done to your standards.

With the cost of hiring professional cleaners somewhere between $25-$35 an hour, you can ensure that the rental home is spotless after a tenant moves out. By considering some of the above reasons to insist on professional help, you can get the cleaning you need without any complications with your tenants. 


22 December 2015

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