Using Roman Shades To Beautify A Window With An Air Conditioner

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Room air conditioners detract from the beauty of the room's decor. Moreover, they allow hot, humid air to enter through the open vents when not in use. Solve both of these problems with Roman shades. They have been used for decades to beautify windows with room air conditioners. The folded fabric design of roman shades provides privacy, color, and insulation. Here are some tips to select the best style:

  • Inside Mount: Roman shades are usually installed inside the window with a clearance on each side of approximately 1/4-inch. The clearance is necessary so the shades will go up or down without damaging the fabric. They provide a good level of privacy. A small amount of light and hot or cold air does pass through the side clearance area.

  • Outside Mount: If you need an absolutely dark room, such as a night shift worker sleeping during the day, then choose Roman shades mounted outside the window frame. No light or air passes through them.

  • Solid or Patterned Color: This decision depends heavily on whether you have patterned wallpaper or a solid color painted wall. If the walls are painted, then a patterned fabric can deflect your view upwards to the shade rather than noticing the air conditioner. For wallpapered rooms, choose a solid color that complements the colors in the wallpaper.

  • Length: Older air conditioners tend to jut into the room a few inches. You'll need to add that amount to the length of the Roman shade so it will completely hide the air conditioner.

  • Insulation: An insulating layer sewn to the Roman shade increases energy efficiency. Thermal insulation can also lower demand on the air conditioner since it blocks the transfer of air. Choose white insulation if you live in a development where the homeowners association restricts which colors can face the street.

  • Valance: A valance is a classy finishing touch on any window treatment. Choose the same fabric for a blended casual appearance or a wood cornice for a more formal setting.

Please Note: It's actually rare for two windows in the same room to be exactly the same size. One window might be a 1/4-inch wider than its mate. It makes a difference when ordering roman window shades and especially those that are inside mount. This is why many people prefer to hire a professional installer. They do the measurements beforehand and the installation when your order is ready.


27 November 2015

Lawn Care Maintenance: A Year Round Effort

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