Flooring Options That Make Your Entryway Pop

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When guests come to your home, you want them to feel welcomed. Your entryway is a focal point for what people can expect decor-wise for the rest of your house and should be impressive in all ways. Flooring can make your entry look lavish, inviting, and simply breathtaking. Here are wonderful flooring options you can consider to give your home the appeal it needs right when you walk in the door.

Travertine flooring

Travertine is known for its lustrous beauty and natural appeal. This stone comes in many warm earth tones, such as gold, ivory, and even red-brown. You can buy travertine flooring in a single shade to give your entryway a grand appeal, or opt for contrasting colors for a mosaic, artistic look. Polished travertine gives your entry way shine and luster, while tumbled or brushed varieties give a textured appearance. If you have ample traffic coming into your home, travertine with texture is a great choice, since it gives traction and can help prevent accidental tripping or falls.

Marble flooring

Marble is another natural stone that comes in a variety of colors and blended tones, and is an excellent choice for a grand entryway that enters into a sitting or living room. You can choose marble in nearly any hue, from deep purple to light green, and the sturdy appeal of this stone helps it withstand heavier foot traffic. Marble is prone to staining though, so make sure you seal it every few months to help retain its shine and keep surface stains and discoloration at bay.

Wood flooring

If you want to give your home a cozy effect, wood flooring is a wise choice. Wood flooring is best in a home where you are using the same style of flooring in other areas of your home, such as your living room or dining area. Make sure that the type of wood also blends well into carpeted locations as well to avoid breaking up your decor. Classic wood options include:

  • pine
  • walnut
  • bamboo
  • reclaimed or barnwood

You can install wood flooring in wide planks for a modern appeal, or choose ebonized hardwood for a dark, almost black finish that makes the rest of your home's decor pop.

Your entryway is the area of your home that should showcase your personal taste and give you a warm sense of welcome. The right flooring for your entry can give your home the perfect appeal and make all your additional decorating touches the attention they deserve.


6 July 2015

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