Starter Sewing Projects For Beginners

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If you have been meaning to get into sewing or have recently acquired a sewing machine, it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are unsure of your skill level and what might be a good project to pick, don't worry too much when starting out. There are plenty of easy patterns out there for beginners. Here are four starter projects perfect for those at any sewing level.

1. Large Tote Bags

Sticking to larger fabrics, large tote bags are cute, useful, and easy to make. Sourcing a pattern for these can be easy, and the pattern can be augmented for sizing. The most simple patterns can involve one large piece of fabric folded and sewn on the sides, with large straps added. There are plenty of simple patterns that involve one or two large pieces of fabric pieced together to make a fashionable tote.

2. Pillowcases

Pillowcases are a great beginner project because these can instantly spruce up your bedroom or livingroom. Patterns for standard sized bedroom pillows are out there, but you can also measure your couch throw pillows and make these on your own. Adding an inch of fabric to each side, a simple square pattern with overlapping fabric at the back can be easily removed for washing.

3. Kitchen Aprons

A simple but functional pattern for starting out  is a kitchen apron. You can source wilder fabrics for this than what you might pick for standard clothing, and can play around with the width and length of straps needed for securing the apron. A simple apron pattern that ties at the neck and back will keep this project simple and without the need for worrying about additional clasps.

4. Wrap Skirts

If you want a simple simple project for something that you can actually wear, a good place to start is a wrap skirt. This is nice because it cuts out the need for a zipper and instead relies on wraparound ties. Sourcing a pattern for this is a good idea since the fabric will need to be cut at a certain angle in order to hang correctly.

Sewing patterns for beginners can be found mostly online or at fabric stores. If you are unsure if a specific type of fabric will work well with a pattern, be sure to ask for assistance at the fabric store when you are gathering materials for your project. Try to have fun with new projects and don't be too hard on yourself if your first tries aren't perfect. 


16 June 2015

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