Five Practical Ways To Update And Enhance Your Home's Kitchen

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If you only have the budget to make one or two changes to your kitchen this year, there are some great ideas that can transform the mood and looks of the whole home. When making changes to your kitchen, remember that high-end upgrades help the home retain its value, and are very favorable to potential tenants and buyers. Keep this in mind when considering the following kitchen renovations and upgrades:

1. Quartz counter-tops

When most consumers consider granite to be the benchmark in quality counter-top materials, quartz is an undeniably appealing alternative for those seeking something different. Quartz is easy to clean, and non-porous so it doesn't stain. Other advantages of quartz countertops include the vast range of colors and grains, and the lower price than granite stone options.

2. Retro appliances

Rejuvenate your kitchen space with the refreshing look of colorful, retro appliances. Souped up with all of the most modern features and amenities, these replicated appliances bring a fun, whimsical look to the home. The price of these funky home essentials may even be lower than what you would expect to pay for top-of-the-line stainless steel alternatives.

3. New flooring

Nothing gives the kitchen a fresh look like new flooring, and there are numerous options to distinguish your space and provide optimal utility for your family's lifestyle. For example, if you want a durable flooring that will hold up to heavy traffic, there are some great laminate one-piece and tile materials that will work perfectly. The price of laminate and easy installation are other advantages of this resilient flooring.

4. Increased storage

If you really want to optimize your kitchen space, create organization and storage that will hold your items and cookware without cluttering up the counters or work-spaces. This may include securing cabinets and drawers with racks and pull-outs to hold your things. This may also involve over-head racks to neatly contain bulky items.

5. Better lighting

Make sure that the lighting in your kitchen is adequate for the tasks that you often do in the space. Most kitchen accidents are a direct result of inadequate lighting, which is a good reason to invest in track-lights, task lamps, and accent lighting features for the space. Flood your kitchen with natural light whenever possible for a bright, cheery atmosphere that will energize all who spend time there.

Use the majority of your kitchen renovation budget for the most imminently needed or problematic areas first, and then use the remainder of your resources for accents and details, such as paint for the walls, to give the kitchen a fresh face and affordable makeover. Consider these five ways to give a dramatic impact with simple, basic modifications and upgrades.  


4 March 2015

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