Make A Mosaic Tiled Mirror To Hang In Your Bathroom

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After remodeling your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, enhance the appearance of the walls with a mosaic tiled mirror. Outlining the mirror with colorful pieces of tile that complement the color of your bathroom will add a nice touch to the room.

Use The Following Items

  • ceramic tiles
  • small hammer
  • plastic zipper bag
  • safety goggles
  • tile adhesive
  • sanded grout
  • foam brush
  • putty knife
  • hardware kit (for hanging pictures)
  • screwdriver
  • measuring tape
  • damp sponge
  • washable marker

Prepare The Tile Pieces

Put ceramic tiles in a plastic zipper bag. Place the bag on a hard surface and tap the tiles with a hammer. Wear safety goggles during this step to keep your eyes protected. Determine how wide you would like the tile border to be. Mark this section with a washable marker. Use a measuring tape to help keep the lines straight. Select the tile pieces that look the best and arrange them on the outer edges of the mirror.

Once you have determined how you are going to set up the tile pieces, apply a thin, even layer of tile adhesive to the back of each one with a foam brush and press the pieces down firmly onto the mirror. The adhesive will take a couple hours to dry. 

Fill In The Gaps With Grout

Use sanded grout to fill in the gaps between each of the tiles pieces. This type of product will not shrink after it has dried. Apply the grout with a putty knife, filling in the gaps until they are level with the top of the tile pieces. Smooth down the surface of the grout with a foam brush.

Lightly touch the surface of the grout to determine when it is dry. This can take several hours and depends upon the manufacturer of the product that you have purchased. Wipe the surface of the tile border off with a wet sponge. Doing so will remove any grout residue that has accidentally gotten onto the tiles. 

Hang Up The Mirror

Select a spot in your bathroom to hang the mirror. Keep it at eye level and use a measuring tape to help keep the mirror straight. Use a screwdriver to attach hardware to the back of the mirror with a screwdriver. A picture hanging kit will have all of the pieces that are needed to do this. Hang up the mirror and enjoy how it brightens up your bathroom and gives it a new look. For other ideas, and assistance with your bathroom remodel, contact a company like


24 February 2015

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