How To Give Your Home A Cabin Appeal


If you love the appeal of a natural cabin, then you don't have to wait until you go on vacation in the summer months before you can enjoy this earthy decor. There are a few ways you can give your home a touch of the wild, and give it the effects of a cabin even if you live in the suburbs.

Antlers and pine cones, oh my!

When you think of cabins, what do you think about? Antlers and moose paddle chandeliers, patchwork quilts, and large pine cones decorating clear jars—these are simple cabin touches you likely think about. You can easily incorporate this decor to your home by gathering pine branches off your tree (or your neighbor's, if they don't mind) and setting them in bronze vases throughout your house. Place mats or small squares of fabric under the vases to catch errant sap or needles.

In the spring months, moose, deer, and elk shed their antlers so they can sprout new growth. If you frequent areas where they winter, you can score yourself some nice antlers to add to your home's decor. You can also buy lamps, tables, and even lighting that are made from either real or ceramic antlers and paddles to give your house a more cabin appeal.

Visit your local thrift store and score yourself a hand-made quilt that you can use as a throw over your couch. This gives the perfect touch to your home.

Wooden furniture

Solid wood bedroom furniture gives your private space an intimate woodsy feel. Complete this look with a shaggy rug at the base of the bed that mimics a bearskin rug, and add soft yellow lights to all your lamps. If you have dressers, nightstands, and other furnishings already, splurge on a solid wood bed with dark brown or forest green comforters and pillows. The more natural wood you use, the better. Log furniture in a honey finish exemplifies the cabin look the best. Look at your local furniture store (like Black Carriage Furniture)

Other small additions

Cabins are often adorned with dark browns, maroon, and deep green hues, so try to incorporate these colors into your home as much as you can. Add a couch cover, opt for solid-toned drapes, and even add a wood-inspired table lamp to your current decor, and you can help accomplish a cabin appeal in every room of your house. Lighting a pine-scented candle in popular areas of your home can bring the wilderness right into your house, even if you live in the middle of a bustling city.

Making your home more cabin-like isn't that hard. All you have to do is incorporate a few classic touches to your own residence to have that natural look you've always wanted.


4 February 2015

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