Five Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Mood

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Want something that will help lift your mood? There are some simple strategies that can help bolster mood and improve sense of well-being easily and without spending a small fortune. In fact, some of the most effective approaches are the cheapest. Don't waste another moment in a foul mood; try the following tactics to lift your spirits.


Treat yourself to an inexpensive tealight oil warmer and some exquisite essential oils to help improve mood. Enjoy scents like peppermint and eucalyptus when feeling fatigued, or rosemary and lavender when feeling blue. There are even oils that are effective for chronic pain and medical conditions, such as migraines or depression.

A brisk walk

Many practitioners believe that brisk exercise is an effective treatment for those struggling with major depressive disorder. This means that even a ten to twenty minute walk may help lift and enhance mood of any individual, due in part to the endorphins that exercise stimulates. Feeling blue? Take a walk!


The chaos and stimulation of the world around you can erode mood and cause stress. A great way to refocus energy on what is truly important is to meditate. It costs nothing to meditate; simply find an undisturbed space to quiet the mind without the noise and disruptions of others.

Sleep hygiene

If you are finding yourself in a bad mood, it could be related to the kind of rest that you are getting at night. Sleep is integral for maintaining well-being, both physically and mentally. Keeping a sleep schedule, setting up a serene bedroom, and avoiding caffeine and exercise before bedtime are all sleep hygiene tips that can improve quality of rest which, in turn, affects mood.


A great way to redirect thoughts and improve mood is through mindfulness. Mindfulness regards living in the moment, not worrying about what is to come or fretting over the past. Enjoying life's simple pleasures and finding joy in everyday activities can go a long way toward improving mood and getting rid of the blues.

Eat something

Hunger can make you cranky, but so can eating the wrong thing. A clean diet, wholesome foods that are fresh and healthful, can fuel you and give you an enhanced sense of well-being. Choose foods that are natural fuels for the body, and you will feel the difference in body and in mood.

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or if the daily grind is wearing you down, try some of these simple tips to lift spirits and improve mood. From aromatherapy to sleeping better at night, these strategies may help bring you out of your funk, and give you an improved sense of well-being and calm.


21 January 2015

Lawn Care Maintenance: A Year Round Effort

Most of us take great pride in our homes and do everything we can to ensure its beauty and comfort. While attending to our home's interior, we sometimes tend to neglect the lawn, especially during winter. Since moving into my "dream home" I feel compelled to maintain the lawn and garden as impeccably as I do the interior. That's why I've hired a lawn care team to see that my landscape is in tip-top shape all year round. I've learned the importance of fertilization during the late fall and early winter. Keeping the lawn trimmed during those cold winter months will help, too. The experts even help prepare my lawn for the upcoming spring. During this time, family celebrations and parties are plentiful, and I plan to have the best looking lawn on the block. I can't wait for spring to come!