Indoor Herbal Gardening: A Fun And Practical Hobby

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Do you ever watch a cooking show and notice all of the fresh herbs popular chefs cook with? Many chefs prefer to use fresh herbs because of the enhanced flavor they provide. Maybe you've considered trying to cook with fresh herbs but find the whole process a little intimidating.

Perhaps you've taken a trip through your local supermarket and found fresh herbs that didn't look so fresh. Maybe you found them to be expensive or you don't even know which herbs to purchase to use with the foods you and your family enjoy.

Learning about herbs and starting your own indoor herbal garden is an inexpensive and fun hobby. It's something the whole family can enjoy, and it's also practical. Not only will you learn what foods go well with certain herbs, you will also enjoy serving flavorful meals prepared with herbs from your own indoor garden.

Select a location

You should select a sunny location near a window for your herbal garden. Don't worry if your living space is lacking in windows. Plant stands make perfect homes for herbal gardens. They can be easily moved to a spot that receives sunlight.

Plant stands are available in a variety of materials and designs. Wrought iron stands are durable and look great with most decorating styles. Wrought iron cleans up well with soap and water, and no special cleaning products are necessary to keep it looking great.

Herbs for beginners

Basil, chives, parsley, sage, cilantro, oregano, and thyme are a few of the easier herbs to grow indoors. Herbs can be started from seeds, cuttings, or starter plants. You should select a few to start with. Starter plants are often easiest for beginners. If using seeds, you should follow the directions exactly as stated on the package.

Does your family enjoy Italian food? Basil, oregano, and thyme may be good choices. Parsley and chives are versatile and can be used in almost any dish to add color and a hint of flavor. Sage goes well with pork and poultry. It can also be used for tea. Cilantro is commonly used in Latin and Indian cuisine.

Basic supplies

You will need a small pot for each herb. Basil should be planted in a slightly larger pot due to its extensive root growth. Terra Cotta pots work well. You can also use empty butter tubs or yogurt containers. If you desire, you can purchase pots at your local garden center specifically designed for herbs.

You will need planting soil and gravel. The gravel is placed in the bottom of the pot to provide good drainage for the plant roots. A small watering can with a slim spout is useful for watering your herbs.

Planting your herbs

Always follow the specific planting instructions if you purchase seeds. For starter plants, you simply place about an inch of gravel in each pot and add your potting soil. Place your plant in the soil and tap the soil lightly but firmly to secure the plant. Water lightly. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot and is one of the most common beginner mistakes.

Once you decide what herbs you want to grow, you are on your way to having your own indoor herbal garden. You will be enjoying a new and exciting hobby that has multiple benefits. You will feel like a famous chef when you start cutting your own fresh herbs to use in flavorful and delicious dishes for your family and friends.


7 January 2015

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