Inside Versus Outside Mounting Blinds

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Once you have decided on the perfect blinds for your space, the only thing left to do is to mount them. Now comes the decision on whether or not to mount them inside the window or outside of the window. These sound like two simple options, but they create dramatically different looks and one option may be better for your windows than the other. Continue reading to help you decide if you should inside or outside mount your blinds.

Inside Mount

With an inside mount, the blinds are installed inside the casing of the window. They only hang inside the window, creating a simple look that lets the framing of your windows be the star. If you have a deep window sill, inside mounting your blinds will also let you use the sill as place to put plants or other decorative items.

Keep in mind that not all windows will allow for an inside mount. You need to measure your window and make sure the casing is deep enough to let you hang a blind inside of it. Additionally, you may decide that there are some things you don't like about inside mounting your blinds. For example, you will have small gaps that let light shine through on each side of the blinds. The blinds can't be mounted completely flush because they have to have room to raise and lower.

When you raise the blinds, the gathered stack will be at the top of the window, which could block some of your view depending on the size and location of your window. Don't forget to consider any components of your window that may stick out, such as handles and cranks that will prevent the blind from hanging straight.

Outside Mount

An outside mount blind covers your window trim. You can install it to extend beyond the window on all sides, top and bottom, or side to side depending on your preferences. Installing the blind to extend beyond the window will make the window look larger when the blind is closed. This type of mount is especially helpful if you have a window that is an odd size.

Mounting your blinds outside of the window will help you cover up any trim, handles, cranks, and locks that you may want to hide. If you mount the blinds higher than your window, you will be able to open it without obscuring your view and they keep the light out better when they are closed.

You need room above the trim to mount the blind unless you want to mount onto the window frame. Keep in mind this may be difficult if you have thick molding, but it is possible.

Remember these considerations when you are deciding on how to mount your blinds and you will not have to worry about taking them down and adjusting in the future. 


23 December 2014

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